Prior to arrival to the Dominican Training Institute, course participants will discuss their educational objectives and individual skill level pertaining to dental implants with a staff consultant.

Throughout the consultation, the consultant will designate each doctor a category of skill level and comfortability. Each category of our dental implant training courses is designed to give the attending doctor the type of cases that will satisfy their educational objectives.

These designations are:

  • Beginner (placed 25 implants or less)
  • Intermediate (placed 26-100 implants)
  • Advanced (placed 100 implants or more)

Please note that these designations are guidelines. DTI understands that surgical training and experience classification involves more than the number of implants placed. It is also understood that there will be combination type cases that require simple to advanced procedures on individual patients.

dental implant training courses


Subjects covered for each skill level designation broadly includes:

Beginning Clinicians

  • Simple implant placement
  • Multiple implant placements with adequate bone available
  • Extractions with and without socket grafting
  • Incision design and suturing techniques
  • Soft and hard tissue management

Intermediate Clinicians

  • Multiple implant placement cases
  • Extractions and immediate placement
  • Extractions, grafting and closure with or without barriers
  • Intra-crestal sinus lifts
  • Full arch implant placement
  • Ridge augmentation with or without implant placement

Advanced Clinicians

  • Full arch extractions, grafting and implant placement
  • All-on-4, 5 or 6+
  • Lateral sinus grafting
  • Full arch edentulous cases
  • Lateral windows
  • Atrophic maxillary and mandibular cases
  • Ridged augmentation, ridge splitting, etc.
  • Other advanced grafting procedures

All of this considered, great care is taken to ensure each doctor gets the opportunity to work on cases that provide progress in their educational endeavors and significant efforts are made to provide clinicians with specific cases they’d like to work on.

The Dominican Training Institute is an AGD approved CE provider. Each participant is awarded 38 CE hours at course completion (lecture: 6 hours, participation: 32 hours) under AGD subject code 690.


If you need more information or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.