May 15-22, 2021 SPACE IS LIMITED

The DTI offers registration for one course at a time. When a course is filled to capacity, the DTI will schedule and open registration for an additional course later in the year.


Participants of the DTI program will attend one day of lecture and theoretical instruction and four days of live, over-the-shoulder implant training.

Day 1: Arrival

• Doctors arrive to all-inclusive resort in San Pedro, Dominican Republic.

Day 2: Introduction & Preparation

• Doctors are introduced to the Institute, course-specific mentors and fellow participants. Doctors will then attend a welcome seminar covering the standard protocols and equipment utilized throughout the program, finished with a series of lectures for clinicians of all levels. Total time of lecture is approximately 4 hours.

Day 3-6: Live Surgeries

• Doctors will begin performing live implant surgeries on pre-screened patients that are carefully selected according to the educational goals of each participant.Surgeries will begin at 8:00 AM and will end at approximately 5:00 PM. Dinner reservations at the resort’s restaurants are secured each night for all participants.

Day 7: Relaxation, Excursions & More

• On the final day of the program, participants enjoy a free day of relaxation beach-side, excursions or group activities like visiting the spectacular Saono Island. Doctors can also utilize this time for clarifying any questions or concerns with instructors and staff.

Day 8: Depart

implant training courses


If you need more information or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.