Founded by Dr. Leo Malin, Implant Logistics was created in response to a need he saw for affordable US-based implant systems that would be robust, simple to use, preserve bone and provide predictable results.

As such, Implant Logistics has sought out to provide clinicians with the best dental implants, implant components and accessories on the market. Through that goal, Implant Logistics developed its flagship implant line: Implant-One.

The Implant-One system is specifically designed to provide the necessary features required to maintain health bone and soft tissue post-placement.

The Implant-One dental implant system features:

  • Easily retrievable abutment
  • Ultra bacteria-resistant Morse Taper connection
  • Aggressive threading for maximum primary stability
  • Proprietary surface coating for enhanced osteo-integration
  • Color-coded for ease of use
  • Wide thread variants for cases with limited vertical bone

Additionally, the Implant-One implants are available in 8 different diameters, with each available in 4 lengths. All of this makes it easy to see why the Implant-One system the clear choice for clinicians.


Throughout more than 20 years of implant dentistry, Dr. Malin has been closely connected to the problems that can occur with existing implant systems. Setting out to make a higher quality product, the Implant-One system meets the most stringent American, international and Europeans medical standards.

Thousands of doctors across the globe have implemented the cutting-edge Implant-One dental implant system into their practice with success and do not plan on returning to their previous system. With its advanced technology and its no-nonsense commitment to ultra-high-quality implants, Implant-One proves itself in the field as one of the top dental implant systems world-wide.

All of this, with a price tag that is, on average, a third of the cost of other systems sets Implant Logistics and Implant-One apart from its competitors.

implant training courses


Because Implant-One maintains a steadfast dedication to providing ultra-high-quality dental implants, components and accessories, the Dominican Training Institute provides training in treatment planning, implant surgery and implant restoration through Implant-One’s system. However, DTI provides doctors with their choice of the Implant-One system or the Italian Leone implant system.


If you need more information or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.