The Dominican Training Institute (DTI) was founded with a mission to provide extensive, hands-on, surgical training in implant dentistry.

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the U.S. dental implant industry was valued at $5.6 billion in 2017. The market is forecast to grow at a rate of 7.7% per year, yet, only 10% of U.S. dentists place implants. The Dominican Training Institute is changing all that.

The Dominican Training Institute is headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin, but operates out of San Pedro, Dominican Republic. Unlike many lecture-based courses on implant dentistry, the Dominican Training Institute focuses on practical, hands-on dental implant training by a team of expert implantologists, oral surgeons and periodontists. This allows our participants to implement implant-related procedures into their practices quickly and expand their patient services confidently and successfully.

At course completion, participants will have a thorough understanding of implant systems and protocols, and the confidence to incorporate implant placement and related surgeries in their practice.

The Dominican Training Institute is an AGD-approved CE provider. Each participant is awarded 38 CE hours at course completion (lecture: 6 hours, participation: 32 hours) under AGD subject code 690.


Founded by Dr. Leo Malin, the Dominican Training institute offers a comprehensive five-day implant training courses like no other that help bring the surgical skills of participants up to par with those leading the industry.

A key to the success of the Dominican Training Institute is the familiarly that the clinicians acquire with Dr. Malin’s cutting-edge implant system, Implant-One. Due to the integrity and no-nonsense quality of the implant system, many of the participants of the course emerge as loyal life-long allies of DTI and Implant-One.

Catering to enthusiastic participants from a wide range of cities and nations, DTI courses are designed to address the specific educational goals of practitioners. At the Dominican Training Institute, we help clinicians gain a professional hold over implant placement surgeries through the multidisciplinary nature of the program.

implant training courses


The team of instructors at the Dominican Training Institute is led by the highly-acclaimed Dr. Leo Malin. With more than 20 years of implant therapy, implant placement and associated procedures under his belt, Dr. Malin is a true pioneer and opinion leader in the field. Dr. Malin is also an alumnus of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, where he served as the director of the Implantology and Bone Grafting Courses for many years.

In addition to Dr. Malin, a myriad of highly-qualified and experienced doctors offer their insight and instruction in implant placement to course participants. The team consists of dental surgeons, periodontists, maxillofacial surgeons and more that excel beyond the norm in their respective domains. Instructors for each course vary from this pool based on the educational objectives of the group at large.

Moreover, life at DTI is a mix of learning and leisure that offers participants some of the most unforgettable and enriching experiences within a short span. Set against the idyllic backdrop of San Pedro, Dominican Republic, the Dominican Training Institute offers doctors the perfect place to capture professional surgical training in implant dentistry in a calm and tranquil environment.



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